My craft obsession started when I was only 4 or 5 years old. I used to spend the night with my aunt often, and she would always buy me little crafts to make. You know the ones? I would pour colored sand into a vase, or paint a sun catcher. One of my favorites was putting those tiny beads into a shape and baking it in the oven. I was always so proud of the things I made! To this day I still have a ceramic box that I painted when I was about 12 years old. I never stopped making crafts, in fact as I got older my projects just became more complex.

In 2013 My husband and I bought our first house. It was definitely a fixer upper. We changed everything about it, the light fixtures, the paint, flooring, cabinets, and counter tops. We even completely gutted our only bathroom (that was not a fun project.) I loved decorating our house with cute signs and art work that I made. I also loved creating personalized gifts for friends and family! 

In 2016 I became so busy creating gifts and signs for friends that I decided to open up Peach Bloom Creations. A year later I was able to quit my full time job as a call center manager and the rest is history. 

Thank you so much for choosing Peach Bloom Creations to create your personalized signs!